How I made $1000 in 2 days from one digital product

Creating a digital product is a term that scares so many people online and makes them feel it is something hard and simply not for everyone! If you’ve been told that it is too hard to create a digital product that sells and brings you money all day every day then you’ve been lied to!

In creating digital products there is a formula that is too simple yet too powerful and when you learn this formula you will have all the keys to success in digital product creation! and this formula is…..ready?


And no that is not a kiss lol! that is: keep it super simple!

a simple rule that may sound a littleΒ boring but it DOES WORK!

I created too many digital products over the past year and a half and I can assure you that the only ones that were successful and still are, are the ones that I created using this rule.

Now a few weeks ago I created a digital product with that simple rule and with a set of few steps of action and the results wowed me! over $1000 in just 2 days! and I have put together a video training showing you exactly these steps and how all the overwhelm about success in creating and selling your digital product is just fear in our heads!

I wanted everyone who was so “afraid” of creating their own product to know that all the “what ifs” inside our heads are just wrong and that real life is way more simple than the way we overcomplicate things on ourselves.

I uploaded the video training and added a few extra gifts of my paid courses and tools for %100 FREE in my newΒ passive income vault where you will find resources, accountability, and profits for FREE!



  1. Wow that sounds excellent! Everyone is always looking for new and interesting ways to increase income. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ha! What are the odds of me finding this post now? <<< That was literally my first thought when I saw your post.
    I have been contemplating for the longest time to create a couple of ebooks for caregivers. But I have read over and over again that publishing ebooks, or any digital product can be such a pain to make money from.
    So thank you for sharing this very simple tip!

  3. How exciting, Kenz!? Congratulations!! I’m definitely going to check out your kickstart club. I’ve been contemplating creating a digital product over the last 6 months or so, but haven’t stepped out to make anything happen beyond my free tip sheets. Looking forward to checking out your tips and resources. Thanks!

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