4 Ways to spice up your workspace


As Boss-Ladies we all need an inspirational surrounding while we are building our happy empires! and one of my dreams when I started was to have my dream office space….I kept watching Pinterest boards for years for inspiration and beautiful looking workspaces till I got my very own home office last year.

From day 1 I kept making it more and more pretty yet inspirational and tried my best to make it the place to be “in the zone!” and from my point of view these are the best and most cost effective ways to dress up your workspace:

1: Use pretty notebooks and planners:

We all use them…we all love them…and when they come in pretty prints we can also use them for decoration and inspiration! and I personally am a “pretty notebook addict and planner addict 😀 ” raise your hand in the comments if you are too!

and here is a glimpse of my notebook collection:

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2: Use your signature color or brand colors in every way you can:

When you are surrounded by the color that you love the most you become more inspired and more productive! and when you love your business and add your brand colors in your workspace decor you feel more personally connected to your business in a way….for me I actually used my signature colors in my brand colors to keep myself inspired as much as possible and my colors are Pink and Gold. Let me know in the comments what color would you love to add more of in your workspace!

3: Girly little things inspire you and make you calm down too:

No matter what your personality is, there’s always a beautiful girl within you that shows in the little details…make sure to always add some of these details to keep this little girl within more happy and inspired….for me my little details are prints of girly things (bags, dresses, shoes…). Let me know in the comments what are your little girly details that you would like to add or already have in your workspace.

4: Keep little reminders of your biggest dreams:

Nothing gets you more inspired than a reminder of the big things you want to do in your life! when you see anything related to your dreams while you are working, you get more motivated to work harder and focus more to be able to make those dreams come true!

for me personally I have a vision board, a vision board planner with images of the lifestyle I want to live and the places I want to go around the world…my biggest dream is to visit Paris! and I do not want to pay for this visit from just any money….I want to pay for the entire Paris vacation for me and my family from the money I make in my business! so I am surrpunding myself with prints and even mini versions of the great Eiffel Tower.

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So….these are my top 4 ways to dress up your workspace and keep it as inspiring and empowering as possible….let me know in the comments how you keep your workspace inspiring and feel free to share a picture too!


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  • Melanie Falvey

    2016-11-29 at 1:10 PM

    Hi Kenz,
    I couldn’t agree more with you on this.
    It is fundamental to pay attention to our surroundings they affect our mood, productivity, concentration. ..so many aspects!
    As a designer who helps entrepreneurs style their spaces so they can thrive, I know how important this is. My whole biz is based on the fact that “Beautiful surroundings make us happier, more creative and productive”.
    I also wanted to let you know that I am really loving this site, the facebook community. You are such an inspiration and such a generous soul.


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