About Me
My Mission
 I am here to help you to get clear on what your online business needs to get the best results.Then take you all the way step by step to make these results happen.
My goal is to help as many online entrepreneurs as I possibly can to help them understand that their goals can be achieved without all the things they think they need! I am here to help you realize that being successful online is all about getting the results you want with what you already have and without waiting to build a large following on social media or building a large email list of thousands of people! you can get started right now with what you have and get the results you want and even more and also build your following in the process with no waiting and no guess work! just simple actionable steps to follow through my courses and coaching programs and I will be with you all the way from creation to acceleration than to celebration!
My Story
 From a housewife from Egypt to a worldwide successful business owner teaching thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world

When I first started online back in 2011 I used to offer Facebook pages and group admin work and some small business social media marketing that was helping me make little money here and there and also I was an affiliate marketer for some IM products, I used to spend hours every day trying to make a sale, I had no list, no following, no one knew who the heck am I, and I was struggling to make even $50 per MONTH!

it was a dream for me to go to sleep and then wake up to money in my account that I made while sleeping......
The problem wasn't in affiliate marketing! I saw people making money DAILY from it because they had a following and an email list, and as a housewife from Egypt who is Muslim and Hijabi...I felt like an outsider! "who would ever wanna learn something from me or buy anything through me?" I always told myself that!
Until one day, a client of mine asked if I could teach her how to manage her Facebook page on her own as a "PRIVATE COURSE" and I did...I sat down to my computer and just recorded my screen while I was explaining to her what I do when I am hired to manage a Facebook page from start to finish...and I really REALLY enjoyed that! I thought teaching was so much easier and fun than I expected...then it hit me!
"I can create online courses and teach people what I already know and help them! I can create the course once and sell it multiple times!"
at the time, I was taking some courses on Udemy and I still remember that scary moment when I clicked the "become an instructor" button...
the fears of facing the world...the million "what if" questions that were taking over my head...what if people don't like me? what if they hate the courses I wanna make? what if they get turned off by just knowing I'm from Egypt and a Muslim and a hijabi? what if I fail?

I gathered every last drop of courage that I had back then, sat down to my computer and recorded a 35 minutes and 40 seconds course on the power of hashtags, filled in the forms on Udemy, uploaded my course and waited for approval.....I remember these as the longest 48 hours in my business's life, lol!
Then another VERY successful Udemy instructor back then said that we need to giveaway at least 2000 free coupons to each course we create to build our lists on Udemy fast...I laughed to myself saying: " do you think you can even get 200 people to grab a free coupon to that 35 minute THING you created? aim small, little Kenz!"...and I created a coupon for 1000 people as a "dreamy goal" and submitted it to one of the coupon websites....
fast forward to the very next morning..."ding!", "ding!",Diiiiiiiiiing!!!!!" these were the notifications from my email telling me I just got a new subscriber to my course! I was smiling like an idiot with each new ding, lol! and after almost 72 hours of "dings!", I had my first 1000 students in my first ever course! wait, what?! 1000 people wanted to learn from ME? are they even sane?!!

After the reviews from those first 1000 students started coming in all in 4 and 5 stars with the best captions EVER! I became a course creation machine! I was so happy with the feedback and I just wanted more and more of this!
Waking up excited every morning, jumping out of bed to finish my chores as a wife and a mom and run to my laptop and microphone and start talking to the world in my courses!

Since that day:
- I wake up to new sales and money every.single.day!
- I never had a $0 month again EVER!
- I was creating at least 3 new courses per WEEK! just because I wanted to!
- I started getting featured and recognized by many websites and blogs
- I went from ZERO to 10,000 students in less than 18 months (no more free coupons, at least not a thousand coupons anymore!)
- I started getting brand deals, affiliate deals, other course platforms were inviting me to teach on them.
- My courses completion rates were sky high! people actually loved my content and used to finish each course of mine in 1 sitting!
- I had students bulk buy my courses! some buy 10 courses at once, some buy 15, and I even had some students buy 21 courses in 1 day while a sale was running! imagine someone who doesn't know you, buys 21 courses from you!!!! that still blows my mind till today!
- I now have over 27500 students, created 45 courses for Udemy AND launched my very own private online school with a dozen of exclusive courses and group coaching programs.
- I had high-end 1:1 clients where I taught them my system and helped them launch their own course empire!

My life was never the same! I had the freedom I always dreamed of!
and this is why I want the same for you!

because...if a 30 something housewife and mom from halfway around the world can do all of this on her own without a coach, a high-end mastermind, a following, a list, or any money....then so can you!
You just need to get clear on the first step and take action on it and this is why I am here to help you!
In my business, I am not the only person who does it all! I have a wonderful sister who is also my business partner AND my designer and together we are the team behind all the magic that happens!
Kenz Soliman
Founder & CEO

I am a wife, mom and empire builder! I help online entrepreneurs learn easy and simple ways to get the results they want for their business while working smarter, not harder!

Fadwa Soliman
Operation Manager

Fadwa is a talented designer and she is my organizing boss! without her and her creative organization skills, my business would be a mess!

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