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My Mission
 I am here to help you to get clear on what your online business needs to get the best results.Then take you all the way step by step to make these results happen.
My goal is to help as many online entrepreneurs as I possibly can to help them understand that their goals can be achieved without all the things they think they need! I am here to help you realize that being successful online is all about getting the results you want with what you already have and without waiting to build a large following on social media or building a large email list of thousands of people! you can get started right now with what you have and get the results you want and even more and also build your following in the process with no waiting and no guess work! just simple actionable steps to follow through my courses and coaching programs and I will be with you all the way from creation to acceleration than to celebration!
My Story
 It all started back in 2011 when I was newly married and looking for a way to live my passion! I took the decision of starting an online business. I started as a freelance social media manager for local businesses then after some time I realised I was trading dollars for hours and wanted more freedom….at that time some of my clients were asking me if I can teach them how to manage their own social media and that inspired me to start a private 1:1 coaching business that lasted over a year with good results but I was not that happy! don’t get me wrong I was making a decent income but still, there was something missing! my freedom!

I used to work all the time and take client calls and offer client support all the time to make my income as stable as possible till I decided that I want more freedom and then I found my first step to passive income! course creation!When I first started teaching my first course online over at Udemy in September 2015 I didn’t think anyone will join really! as I thought that people wouldn’t buy content without a 1:1 support and soon enough I was surprised how well the first course went (over 1000 students joined for free and then almost 100 sales came in in the first month!)

I then realized that the first step to freedom is creation! so I started creating more and more courses and by the end of 2015, I had 4 live courses and over 2000 students! from over 90 countries worldwide!
I then said: “Let’s make this 10x better! let’s create more courses and FAST!” and that was my acceleration step…when you build an audience and know their needs and realize that you can fill these needs then you are a winner! all you need is to act fast to get that acceleration in results! and that was what I did!

Fast forward 12 months…I now teach over 30 online courses and classes all over the internet and helping over 24000 online entrepreneurs learn quick and easy ways to get the results they need in their online businesses and arming them with tools to help them work smarter, not harder! and that is something that I celebrate every single day!

So this is who I am….the housewife from halfway around the world who decided to work as hard as she can to help others reach their goals and to help them remove the blocks they had in their minds that they “need something to start’ and replaced it with ‘I can start with what I have and get anything I set my mind to”.
In my business, I am not the only person who does it all! I have a wonderful sister who is also my business partner AND my designer and together we are the team behind all the magic that happens!
Kenz Soliman
Founder & CEO

I am a wife, mom and empire builder! I help online entrepreneurs learn easy and simple ways to get the results they want for their business while working smarter, not harder!

Fadwa Soliman
Operation Manager

Fadwa is a talented designer and she is my organizing boss! without her and her creative organization skills, my business would be a mess!

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