How breaking the rules has helped me grow my business at rapid speed

How breaking the rules has helped me grow my business at rapid speed

Today I want to share with you how breaking the rules helped me grow my business at rapid speed.

You know, when you’re starting an online business people tell you that there are specific rules that you need to follow in order to be successful. But after trying to follow some of those rules I realized that this is not the only way things work and my business back then was going so slow that I almost gave up!

I decided to go in another direction and see if there are other ways they can get my business to grow and flourish without having to follow those rules and today I want to share with you what I did and what rules did I break and how did my business ended up…. so are you ready? Let’s go!

Rule #1: build your Brand and website first!

This is something that you tell anyone who is still staring and you keep telling them that you need to build your brand and identify your message and your ideal client and then build a website to convert people from visitors into buyers and you need to have all this in place before you actually start your business and this was complete nonsense to me!

Because when I was just starting out I was not sure if my idea is going to actually work and I don’t have the time, money, or resources to actually go ahead and start a full brand and build a full website without knowing if I’m going to make any changes in the near future to my idea!

So what I did is I did not build a website I started without a website. I joined Udemy to offer my first course because it had built in traffic, it had an audience, and it was the perfect place for me to test my idea and see if it is actually going to convert and the result? It did!!

I ended up creating website 4 months after I was in business after I was actually making money to build my website and do my branding!

Rule #2: create free content first!

Again, this rule is also nonsense to me! because why am I going to spend hours and hours trying to perfect a piece of content or multiple pieces of content and I don’t know if I’m going to make any changes to my business because I’m still starting out?

What I did again is I joined Udemy and my content was paid

Yes, I gave some people some free coupons to join my first course but then my course actually started generating for me and each piece of content that I create now pays me over and over and over again. When I went and created paid courses from the start, people started paying me for my courses.

Yes, from time to time I give a few free coupons to keep people coming into my courses but that does not deny the truth that I started with paid content without creating free content first and it worked! And then I started giving people free content on my website and blog just because I feel like it not because I was obligated to do so.

Rule #3: Don’t share everything!

Everyone keeps telling you that in your first online course or in your second online course you don’t need to give people all the details, you don’t need to share all of the secrets, because this will leave you out of extra information to offer people for extra money and it’s going to make people be more greedy with you and want more for the money they pay you.

Again, I did not follow That Rule and actually thought it’s crazy to have someone trust you enough to buy something from you and then give them an information that is not a 100% what they should have! That is simply wrong and it didn’t feel right to me!


So in each course I put out there, I put the complete piece of Information and I always give my students in my courses the knowledge that they need, the plan to actually go ahead and take action on what they learnt, and if I have any tools or resources that can help them get results even faster I give it all to them.

And the result was that my audience now knows I over deliver all the time so what they do is whenever I launch something new, they buy it without even asking any questions and that was something that was huge for me and give me a huge success.


Rule #4 is the last one is the most absurd one I’ve ever heard: Invest in paid ads first!

I didn’t! Instead of trying to actually find money first to pay or throw at Facebook ads and keep guessing if it is going to convert or not what I did is I joined a course marketplace that does paid advertising for you! And they don’t actually charge you something until you make a sale! So whenever I made a sale the website deducts a fee from me and that was fine by me because they know their audience, they have the best copywriters, and I don’t have to invest anything upfront! And the result was amazing!!!

Right now after 2 years in online business, I own three different online businesses, I teach over 26ooo+ online entrepreneurs from all over the world &I couldn’t be happier!!

So the lesson I learned is:

You don’t have to follow the rules to be successful! You can set your own rules and you can go in a different Direction and you can do the things that feel right to you! And you will get the results you deserve and even more!!

So, if you’re ready to break the rules and start an online business that shares your magic with the world and provide you with the freedom you truly deserve, the first step can be to join my FREE passive income planner and course bundle: Your best year ever! Where you’ll learn exactly how you can start where you are right now and build a business that pays you while it is growing, not the other way around!

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