Inside my happy little empire: sneak peek inside my home office

Being your own boss is a true blessing! at least it is for me. That is a feeling that every entrepreneur should feel to keep being motivated and keep that creative state of mind active and on fire!

When I first started my first online business back in 2011 I didn’t have a home office! not even a little desk! instead, I used my coffee table in our living room to work with an old laptop and from day 1 I started dreaming of my perfectly girly and inspiring home office. Fast forward 2 more years where I moved from one place in my house to another till last year I got my desk as a gift from my amazing mother! and moved it to a separate room in our house and started decorating it and re-decorating it multiple times till I took a brave decision! I wanted to spend some of my business profits and invest in creating a brand new styled home office that represents me , my personality, my brand and that keeps me motivated to create even more!

Today I am sharing some photos from my all new home office till I post the full home office tour to my YouTube channel soon!

Let me know in the comments what would you like your home office to look like 😉


This is an overview of the shelves I used and the table is one of my old desks with a little DIY styling….will be explained in the home office tour video on my YouTube channel 


This was taken while we were still putting everything together…my mother and sister were the team behind all this and I am so thankful I have them.


This pink frame is a great thing for me as I now use it as the “house rules” of my home office AKA “My little happy empire” and it matches my brand and my slogan as well!


This frame was originally a mirror then I turned it into a frame and printed this lovely image from Pinterest! the candles are from bath and body works (Yes! I’m addicted to candles!) and the Eiffel tower is something you will see all over my house as it is one of my biggest dreams to visit Paris! (thanks to my business that is going to happen! plans are for next December!)

The point of me sharing this with my readers today is to tell everyone that dreams no matter how small or big do come true! I just wanted this to be an inspiration to others who think they can’t make it! as a housewife from half away around the world with an old laptop on a coffee table and some simple ideas to start a business, I too thought that I couldn’t make it! but guess what? believing in yourself and working hard and keeping yourself motivated does work! if you know nothing about me you can read my story here.

Remember….being inspired and motivated and putting in the work will pay off sooner or later! I can tell you I am a living proof of that!

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  • Deborah Leffingwell

    2017-11-27 at 7:56 AM

    All this, and you have a beautiful home too. I appreciate you being so open and willing to share such personal things with your students. I really admire your efforts and I want to say thank you. Keep up the good work. God bless you!


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