What tools does your business needs to stay alive? That Preneur Life EP.1

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Hello and welcome everyone to another episode of that preneur life! I’m Kenz Soliman and I help you build a money-making, Joy-bringing, life-changing online business by yourself and in today’s episode, we’re going to be talking all about tools. what are the tools that your business needs to survive and stay alive? now, I know that in the online world you get so many ads every single day, so many emails, so many social media posts about multiple tools that can help you increase the efficiency of your online business.

BUT…This can also cause you some overwhelm so sometimes we get a little confused what to use and what not to use what do I really need and what do I need just to be just like everyone else, Right?

So when we get lost people keep telling us to go back to basics so today I actually want to remind you – because sometimes, yes! we do forget! it’s a crazy life – Yup!

What are the basic tools that your business cannot survive without?

Number one is a hosting and a domain name these are essential I highly don’t suggest you start your website on a free platform somewhere because,

When you start from day one with hosting and domain name, you get serious about everything. this actually has an effect like, when I first started my very first online business back in 2011, I used a blogger blog! like… a blogspot, a free one. and it didn’t help at all! I couldn’t edit it the right way, I couldn’t get it to look good, I was confused about how to use it, and with time I had to change everything! so the articles that I wrote back then got changed and everything was a little confusing.

So, We really need to take some serious steps when we are starting our business and the first serious step

is to have your own hosting and your own domain name. now if you want to use WordPress or Squarespace or any other platform that’s totally your choice but I highly suggest WordPress because it’s the easiest way to actually get a website up and running you can get a website up and running in like… an hour or two with all the edits and everything.


and if you’re worried about the cost of a domain name and Hosting account, I actually started mine for the $12 for the first year and then I paid like a hundred something every renewal and this was with GoDaddy and it was actually a really really good choice. now this is not affiliated with GoDaddy whatsoever but I really wanted to tell you what I use to host my website.

Now… what other tools do you actually need? you need an email provider. actually, an autoresponder service if I want to be like… precise.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s free or paid. of course, Paid is better but, if you’re starting for free, if you’re on a budget, you can start with a 30-day free trial to any of the available Services out there. I used to use MailChimp but it got me so overwhelmed so, I had to change that to Getresponse and then after a year or something from using Getresponse I switched to ConvertKit and I love it! I currently use it for over a year and it didn’t let me down! I love the automation rules in it, I love the tags, I love the ability to control the look and feel of my emails and everything like that and creating like.. my own template for my emails.

So…these are actually the biggest two things you need to

Keep your business alive in any situation and if there’s something else that I’m going to add it’s when you’re creating content you something to create content through. so, for example, if you’re creating audio content just like what you’re listening to right now, you will need a software to actually record and edit your audio,

if you’re creating video you will need a software to actually create and edit your videos, and if you’re only going to use writing you will need anything to write like… maybe the notes app on your phone or something.

So these are the basics:

something to host your pages,

a domain name where people can find you,

Email autoresponder service to actually get emails sign-ups and get people’s emails and have a database of clients or prospects.

And then….

Any tools that you’re going to use to create content. these are the basic.

And any other tool is going to be like an extra to the basic.

If you enjoyed this episode please let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to grab free access to my training: how to get found online and build your following within 7 days or less! it’s totally free you can find it at www.kenzsolimancreative.com. I will have a link with this video and I really can’t wait to see you in the upcoming episode! keep shining and I’ll see you soon.

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